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Series A of the Alpha Collection are 16 page readers that target students in the primary grades. All of the books include tables of content, glossaries, diagrams, maps, and charts. They include suggestions for hands-on activities that can be done at school or at home. Students, teachers, and parents can work together on enjoyable projects and experiments that reinforce the concepts learned as a result of reading these books. Science is essential, but it should also be fun!
Alpha Series A
 ALPHA A Pre-Packaged Sets
$139.95 - $399.95
Animal World
$5.95 - $31.95
Bodies of Water
$5.95 - $31.95
$5.95 - $31.95
$5.95 - $31.95
Learn About Plants
$5.95 - $31.95
$5.95 - $31.95
$5.95 - $31.95
The Five Senses
$5.95 - $31.95
What is Matter?
$5.95 - $31.95
Wholes and Parts
$5.95 - $31.95
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